Taco Bell prepares us for synth meat and textured veg protein

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Taco Bell has decided to start using the word "protein" instead of "meat" on a special, new meat-heavy menu. Could this be the first step toward acclimating us to fake and synthetic meat — I mean, protein?

According to Business Week:

On July 25, Taco Bell will start testing a new “Power Protein” menu in Ohio aimed at health-conscious consumers. It will include items with more than 20 grams of protein and less than 450 calories per serving, such as a burrito and a bowl, both served with a double portion of chicken or steak. The menu is already being tested under the name “Fresco Power” in Southern California.

Missy Schaaphok, nutritionist and product manager for Taco Bell, says in an e-mail that the company is using the “protein” label on its new menu “because of the ingredients in the items.”


I can't wait for a future where you can order a tub of protein cubes covered in fat topping wrapped in a thick carbohydrate film from Taco Bell. It sounds so honest that way. And healthy!

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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Are you suggesting that Taco Bell has actually been serving real meat all these years! Because I am dubious.