Tabletop Gaming Deals: Free RPG Day, Paranoia, 10 Years of DriveThru

This Saturday is Free RPG Day, plus there's a a Paranoia bundle, charity auctions, and other gaming deals going on right now. Don't miss these great summer gaming deals.

DriveThruRPG is holding their ten-year anniversary sale, with bundles of ten products selling for $10. That's $1 per product, and there's some really great stuff in the bundles. The second RPG bundle includes the 9th World Bestiary for Numenera, the core rules for the Buffy RPG, Eclipse Phase, the Midgard Campaign Setting, Wraith: The Oblivion, and more. It's a crazy deal: there are two different RPG bundles, a comics bundle, a fiction bundle, and a print-and-play counters bundle. You've to be quick, though — the sale only lasts until Saturday morning.

This Saturday is Free RPG Day. You can check the official site to find a participating retailer near you. Then head down and get some free quick play rules, an adventure, or some other cool gaming swag. If you join in some of the events participating stores have going on, you can get even more free RPG prizes.


One of the things you might get for free at a Free RPG Day event (it's up to individual stores how the free stuff is distributed) is "Make Your Own Luck," an adventure for the 13th Age RPG. Pelgrane Press has invited me to join in a live play broadcast to help celebrate Free RPG Day. On Saturday at 3 p.m. eastern time, head over to GM Aaron R's Youtube channel, where we'll be taking on "Make Your Own Luck" via Google Hangout. If you've ever wanted to see your friendly neighborhood tabletop gaming writer in action (as Evesh, the half-orc rogue), now's your chance! The Pelgrane Press blog has more info on the event and the other awesome players who will be joining us.


Monte Cook Games is auctioning off the chance to play their new RPG The Strange at Gen Con with either Monte Cook or Bruce Cordell as GM. All the proceeds from the auctions will go to Human Rights Watch, Women's Learning Partnership, and Child's Play. The auctions end on June 25.

The latest Bundle of Holding is a bundle of Paranoia, and if that doesn't sound like a fun time, you've never played Paranoia. Pay what you want and get a stack of PDFs from Mongoose Publishing's edition of Paranoia; exceed the average and get a ton more, including the Flashbacks mission collection, Mutant Experience, and Extreme Paranoia. You owe it to your future self to get repeatedly murdered by an ultra-fascist society that is somehow also zany and hilarious. The bundle will only be available through this weekend.


Paizo has a couple of sales going on right now. The most interesting is the "It's Good To Be King" sale, where you'll find Red Dwarf, Conan, Babylon 5, Starship Troopers and other RPGs at some pretty deep discounts. A bunch of Goodman Games products are on sale as well, including a bunch of stuff from the XCrawl series. Finally, here's a list of all the other Paizo sales.


On the Lamb Games has a summer sale on Endless: Fantasy Tactics miniatures and rule books through June 30. Use the coupon code "Summer" to knock 20 percent off your order.

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