First Photo from the Z for Zachariah Movie Shows 3, Not 2, Survivors

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It's not that revealing, is it? But it is the first shot of the adaptation of Robert C. O'Brien's Z for Zachariah. It shows stars Chris Pine, Margot Robbie, and Chiwetel Ejiofor.


While we don't know a lot about the film, what we do know indicates several major changes from the original 1974 novel. In O'Brien's story, Ann Burden was a sixteen-year-old girl living alone in what she thinks is the only inhabitable valley remaining after a nuclear war. Until a scientist named Loomis walks into her valley wearing a protective suit he has designed.

Variety says that the film "follows a small-town girl (Robbie) who lives alone on a farm in the only valley with breathable air in the wake of nuclear war. Her world is turned upside down when two strangers wander in from the forest." So instead of one stranger, two. Which, given the psychological back and forth between the two survivors in the novel, is a pretty big change. And I'm betting that, with Robbie a bit older than sixteen, that Ann will get at least a slight age-up.

An older report (back when Amanda Seyfried was set to play Ann Burden and not Robbie) has Ejiofor playing Loomis and Chris Pine surfacing as another survivor:

Zachariah is a psychological thriller, set after an apocalyptic event. It centers on a teenaged girl (Seyfried) who is seemingly the sole survivor until a scientist (Ejiofor) finds her farm, and the two fall in love. Another survivor, a young man (Pine), surfaces, complicating matters.

Fingers crossed that "complicating matters" doesn't mean a love triangle of some description.




I Am No One

I'm sorry... when I think of Z for Zachariah, I do not think of Margot Robbie. Can we get someone not in their mid 20's to play a teenager, or at least a 20-something who can legitimately play a bit younger? (Now, the news that she's playing Harley Quinn? That's a lot more like it!)

As for aging up, that's probably okay, but when I read it in 7th grade, part of the horror was that Ann was so young and the other survivor such an adult, that you worried constantly about coercion or worse. It was (as I remember it; 7th grade was 25 years ago) this kind of background creepiness where you didn't know whether you wanted Ann to kill him or not for her own safety.

Now, of course, I realize this works for women of most ages full stop, but as a kid it wasn't about gender so much (mostly because I was too young to recognize it) as age and authority, and the power cards the stranger held by having both over Ann.