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The Party's Over: The CW pulls the plug on Cult

Illustration for article titled The Partys Over: The CW pulls the plug on emCult/em

We'll never get to find out who Stephen Rae is, or why exactly everybody is so obsessed with a fictional TV show about T-Bag from Prison Break leading a fake Manson Family and slaughtering pigs. Cult, the show about a cult following for a cult TV show about a cult, is no more.


Or at the very least, The CW just announced that this Friday's airing is being replaced by a Carrie Diaries re-run, which might actually get better ratings sadly. And ditto for airings for the two following Fridays. They might run the remaining episodes over the summer, or you might have to wait for the DVD box set to find out how the season ends. It's a sad end to Farscape creator Rockne S. O'Bannon's attempt to tell a weird metafictional story on television.

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It's impossible to define where this show went wrong, or how it even got made.

The premise is lame. The execution was not remotely believable. The actors were boring or baffled by bad writing.

I'd like to know how the guy who created Farscape, SeaQuest DSV, and Defiance managed something so unoriginal and stultifying.