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The first trailer for Syfy's new supernatural werewolf sex show Bitten is having lots and lots of werewolf sex. It's also got a lot of furry young lads taking their shirts off. We are not complaining.

Starring Smallville's Laura Vandervoort, this first-ever trailer for Bitten actually lead me to believe that this show was called BLONDE WOLF. Which I would have been totally okay with, but instead it's called Bitten. Sadly, we don't have any other information than what we gleaned from the trailer, but apparently there aren't any other female werewolves for some reason and each show is an hour long. UPDATE: Apparently this series is based off the Kelley Armstrong books. And now it all makes sense!


With True Blood wrapping up next year, can Bitten take the place of Supernatural Sex Show? Syfy can make good steamy soaps, BSG had a lot of heat in it, and so does Being Human. Fingers crossed they can rekindle their sex magic.

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