Syfy's Mark Stern: Expect more scripted series and miniseries

At Comic-Con today, Syfy's President of Original Content Mark Stern told the fans something they'd been dying to hear. The channel is investing heavily in scripted series and miniseries, and will get back to "meaty science fiction themes" over the next two years.

At the panel about Syfy's new series Helix, Stern said:

We are returning to more scripted shows. You'll see new scripted series and miniseries over the next two years.

We're really embracing our science fiction roots. And we're acquiring more scripted pilots, and going back into the big miniseries department again. We've signed more series [like Helix], a drama with meaty science fiction hook. It fits with Being Human, which is how we'll air [Helix] at the beginning of the year.


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Dr Emilio Lizardo

Who says he doesn't consider wrestling or Ghost Hunters to be scripted?