Syfy's Incorporated Finally Steps Out of Gattaca's Shadow With a Great New Trailer

Credit: Syfy/NBCUniversal
Credit: Syfy/NBCUniversal

A lot of people have been comparing Incorporated to the 1997 scifi thriller Gattaca, and on the surface it makes sense. It’s about a sleek corporate future where one guy disguises himself as another guy to get inside. But the latest look proves that’s really where the comparisons end.

Matt Damon and Ben Affleck’s new Syfy show has given us a deeper look at our protagonist, his motivation, and the world he’s trying to inhabit. In short, it’s not pretty, guys. This is a worldwide government ruled by corporate law, taking the whole Wall Street free-for-all party and giving it access to nuclear codes. They literally brag about owning half of Europe while pouring rounds of shots.


Our hero, Ben Larson, isn’t trying to fake his way into the company so he can go to space, like Ethan Hawke’s character in Gattaca. He’s one of the 99% who’s working to take down the evil corporation from the inside. Whether it’s to help his fellow downtrodden, or to benefit himself, remains to be seen.

It really shows how our idea of a dystopian future has really changed in the past almost two decades. When Gattaca came out, one of our biggest fears was genetic imperfection, that we could be segregated based on something as simple as our DNA. A lot of this came from the progress made in cloning and in vitro fertilization. Nowadays, the rise in corporate power, whether it’s the Wall Street bailouts or Citizens United, have raised our collective concerns about privatization of authority. Who knows what it’ll be in another 20 years? Maybe giant ants.

Incorporated debuts November 30 on Syfy.



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Angrier Geek

Somebody say GIANT ANTS!?!

This is actually a damn good B movie and the sad irony is, if you don’t know what the monster is, the first half hour is actually scary. But since they give it away people tend just to wait for the giant ants to show up.