Syfy Takes First Steps Towards Its New Look, With Will Smith

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What better way to let everyone know you're going more mainstream than teaming up with Will Smith? Syfy and Big Willie are going to make supernatural crime-procedural magic together.


Their first collaboration is a TV movie called Unfinished Business, and focuses in on a cop who can see the memories of the deceased. It will air as a two-hour movie, and it could lead to an ongoing series.

Smith's company Overbrook Entertainment is producing the feature, and Mikael Salomon from the fantastic Band of Brothers will be directing.


Oh, and if you're wondering when the name change for Sci Fi will be official, it's July 7th.

[The Hollywood Reporter]

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Yes, but now that Will Smith Scientology secret is out, we can probably look forward to more Xenu approved programming like Stargate Thetans and Auditing Hunters; a reality show that will document the lives of those creepy old guys who hang out in train stations handing out free copies of L Ron pamphlets.