Syfy Shows Off New Looks at Nightflyers and the Russo Brothers' Deadly Class Adaptation

Killed in space, or killed in school? Syfy has both on the way!
Killed in space, or killed in school? Syfy has both on the way!
Image: Syfy
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Syfy may have just canceled one of the best scifi shows around, but it’s got two interesting genre projects coming up in the form of Nightflyers and Deadly Class—and now we have teasers for both, including a meaty first look at the latter, from the directorial minds behind Avengers: Infinity War.


First up, here’s the brief new teaser for Nightflyers, the adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s tense scifi novella coming to the channel this fall. It’s teeny but sets the scene pretty well: a spaceship that’s pretty dark and is going to have some inevitably bad things happen to the people on board. Delightful!

Then there’s our first look at Deadly Class, the Russo Brothers’ take on the hyperviolent Image comic series from Rick Remender, Wes Craig, and Lee Loughridge. Set in the late ‘80s, the series follows a young homeless man named Marcus who joins an elite academy of assassins, as he and his fellow classmates train not just to become killers, but to survive competing with each other in mortal combat.

Although it’s interspersed with some talking-head pieces from both the Russos and Deadly Class writer Rick Remender, what we do see looks quite faithful to the comic series... which means we’re in for a bloody, brutal treat when Deadly Class comes to Syfy in 2019.

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SyFy channel you say? I’ll check them out after SyFy cancels them after 3-4 seasons. Getting emotionally invested in television shows that air on the SyFy channel feels like a mistake. I’ve been burned too many times to touch that fire: Alphas, Incorporated, Blood Drive, Dark Matter, The Expanse, Stargate Universe, Stargate Atlantis, Bitten, Caprica, Defiance, The Dresden Files, Farscape, Helix, Painkiller Jane, Sanctuary, Tripping the Rift...and I’m not even counting the shows that they cancelled in a way that allowed them to wrap up the series like Continuum and 12 Monkeys.