A scene from season two of Killjoys. Image: Syfy

Great news for fans of Syfy’s space operas Killjoys and Dark Matter: both shows will be returning for third seasons. This news comes just ahead of bounty-hunter drama Killjoys’ season finale on Friday; mystery thriller Dark Matter wraps up Sept. 16.

So ... does this mean fans will finally get to see a crossover episode between the two shows? A year ago, as Killjoys was wrapping up its first season, creator and showrunner Michelle Lovretta told The Hollywood Reporter she wouldn’t rule it out:

We are a lot of very creative people working in a small city of locations out in Toronto. It’s just exciting to be able to look at any crossover that we have and be able to think that there is something fictional there to support it.

[A crossover] sounds logistically nightmarish because I’ve never done one. The cast is why it would be appealing to me just on a selfish, hey what’s that like level, and also because it is interesting to fans. But I don’t know enough about their world in terms of where they’re actually set and whether that would work. We’d have to get super sci-fi about it to figure out. But never say never.