SyFy Rebranding Makes Time Magazine's Top 10 Worst Corporate Name Changes

In honor of Comcast's decision to rebrand itself as XFinity, Time Magazine published a list of the 10 worst corporate rebrandings, and the Sci Fi Channel's decision to become Syfy made #3. Writes Time, "Spell Check On Syfy: Unless science fiction is spelled syience fyction, owners of the popular television network need some serious spelling help." [Time Magazine]


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Comcast's rebranding itself? I mean, given Comcast's negative reputation among cable, internet and media consumers, that's understandable, but...

To XFinity? Seriously?

Why? Is there some research out there that suggests companies with "X" in their names have a higher stock price?

And I only just got over laughing about Syfy's ridiculous rebranding.