Syfy pulls the plug on Alphas, once and for all

Illustration for article titled Syfy pulls the plug on emAlphas/em, once and for all

Their mutant powers helped them save the world from Stanton Parish, but the Alphas' special abilities weren't enough to save them from Syfy's axe. Syfy has cancelled the show once and for all. Wonder if this makes it any more likely that Syfy will fast-track the Blake's 7 reboot or Robert Hewitt Wolfe's Defender? We can hope, anyway. [TV Line]


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I'm not sure SyFy is a very friendly place for scripted, original shows these days. I don't count Lost Girl since it was picked up from Canada, so is their most recent scripted success Being Human? That's not really enough for me to have much faith in them.

I'd like to see a show with a science fiction premise get picked up by HBO/Showtime/Starz. They've had some success with fantasy, and I think they could do something with a true sci fi show as well.