Did you like Real Steel? That movie about Wolverine and a little boy teaching a large boxing robot how to, er... box? The TV executives at Syfy must have, because they just greenlit Robot Combat League, a show about 8-foot-tall robots who get in a boxing ring and, er... well... they still box, actually. It will be hosted by wrestler-turned-Dancing with the Stars contestant-turned-ridiculous Syfy boxing robot show host Chris Jericho. Entertainment Weekly has the scoop (as well as pics that aren't from the Real Steel movie, like the one up top):

Robot Combat League will have 12 teams. Each consists of a fighter (dubbed a "robo-jockey") and a robotics engineer (a "robo-tech"). The fighters and techs are from various backgrounds, such as a race car driver, an Olympic athlete, a National Guard helicopter pilot. One of the robo-jocks, for example, is MMA fighter Amanda Lucas (Star Wars visionary George Lucas' daughter). Each team is paired with their own unique robot, all designed by Setrakian, that will have unique strengths and vulnerabilities. And, of course, the robots will have a colorful names, such as "Steampunk" and "Sgt. Smash." [...]

Fights consist of three rounds, with the winning team advancing to the next competition. The winning team claims a $100,000 prize. Jericho will set up each fight and provide play-by-play commentary. "They are complete boxing matches," Stern says. "If a robot is disabled, the team has 20 minutes to get it functional again and back in the ring."


Obviously, this won't be the first time Man has forced Machine to fight to the death for its own televised amusement, but it will be the first time the robots will be humanoid, unlike the tiny, belligerent toasters seen in shows like Battle Bots. I imagine this is a key development in the upcoming robot apocalypse, and be the primary source of the footage our new robot overlords will show at our sham trials shortly before sentencing us to death in the human-shredders.

[Via Entertainment Weekly]

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