Syfy Just Cast Superman's Grandpa for Their Prequel Show Krypton

Syfy’s Superman prequel TV show Krypton continues to be a thing which creeps toward actually getting made. The newest lurch forward comes courtesy of newcomer Cameron Cuffe, who’s been cast as Superman’s grandfather, Seg-El, the star of the series.

Cuffe recently had a small role in Florence Foster Jenkins, but is largely an unknown. He certainly fits the early casting call for the show though, which was “athletic, quietly confident and in his 20s.” The news of his casting also brought some new information on Seg-El’s role and where things begin, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Destined to be the ancestor of Jor-El (future father of Superman) and Kal-El (the future Superman), Seg-El is the scion of the once prosperous El family and is blessed with an intuitive brilliance for all things technical; he is now living in Krypton’s lowest caste after his family was stripped of its rank.


Here’s an image of Cuffe from his Twitter:

Dark Knight and Man of Steel writer David S. Goyer is executive producing the show alongside showrunner Damian Kindler and others. It’s currently only a pilot.

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