Syfy Is Turning Into VH1: More Reality TV And Tracy Morgan

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What's on Syfy's plate for the next year? Cons: a cooking show, a home design program, and a heightened focus on reality TV. Pros: Tracy Morgan back hosting Scare Tactics, yelling whatever he damn well pleases!


At the 2010 Syfy Upfront, we talked to the casts of Warehouse 13, Stargate Universe, and Caprica. The other news of the evening was Tracy Morgan's return to Scare Tactics, and a new bloc of Thursday reality TV, starting July 15, 2010. Syfy will see the debut of two new shows anchoring the evening:

  • Mary Knows Best, about the career and family life of psychic and radio host Mary Occhino.
  • and Paranormal Investigators, a supernatural debunking show in the same vein as Ghost Hunters.

In addition, Syfy announced the production of two reality shows that seem at loggerheads with their drama slate. There's Quantum Kitchen, featuring "molecular gastronomist" Marcel Vigneron and Force of Nature with Feng Shui master Ariel Towne. The former's about party-planning, the latter's about furniture. Better Homes and Stargates, anyone?

Upcoming movies and miniseries include Riverworld, The Phantom, and 24 other re-imaginings of fantasy yarns, like good ol' Sharktopus. And of course, Syfy still has an American version of the British cult classic Being Human, weird superhero show Three Inches, and an adaptation of Steven King's Haven in the pipeline.


The other big news was 30 Rock star Tracy Morgan's return to host - and now executive produce - the hidden camera fright-fiesta Scare Tactics. It's a curious career move for Morgan, but more inappropriate belly shots and monotone yelling on prime time are probably good for our culture as a whole.

Here's a promo from the comedian's' previously stint with the show. If more reality TV isn't your taste, then perhaps Tracy yelling non sequiturs at the camera will make it more palatable.

After watching that clip, I really hope the new season of Scare Tactics is 30 minutes of Tracy simply sauntering up to victims, yelling "Scare Tactics!", ripping off his shirt, and then just sashaying away like nothing ever happened.


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Kevin Howell -The Unseen Commentor

Any news on whether they'll stop showing all of the crappy horror/monster movies?