Syfy is prepping a Beowulf TV series

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Does anyone want to see a Beowulf show without a naked Angelina Jolie? Syfy is banking on yes, and readying a fantasy series about everyone's favorite 3,000-line poem.

Entertainment Weekly is reporting that Syfy is currently in the process of adapting the great epic poem into a TV series. Matt Greenberg, of 1408 and Reign of Fire fame, will pen the script and exec produce.

If you weren't in High School English here's the super general premise: Beowulf is an 5th Century Scandinavian warrior who helps out a King with his monster problem. The Vikings team up against the beast (Grendel) but then eventually wind up face-to-face with Grendel's Mom. Who is kind of awesome. Later on there's a dragon — it's complicated but (now that we think about it) could make for a good TV series. As long as it doesn't look like the recent crop of crappy greenscreen fantasy shows.

Illustration for article titled Syfy is prepping a emBeowulf/em TV series

In other news, in case you missed it in morning spoilers, there's also going to be a Ghost TV show.

So which TV show would you rather watch, Ghost or Beowulf?

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Erik Sofge

You know what was great? Beowulf & Grendel. That should be the model for the show. Tons of moral/ethical ambiguity, loads of sympathy for the monsters.

If I really had my druthers, they'd take the Hannibal route, call it Grendel, and use John Gardner's book as their inspiration. Beowulf—the character, and the original story—is boring boring boring. Make that proto-jock he-man the bad guy, and you have yourself a story.