Syfy is Bringing Clive Barker's Horror to Television With Nightbreed

From 1990's Nightbreed movie.
From 1990's Nightbreed movie.
Image: Morgan Creek Productions

Clive Barker is known for his unusual approach to horror: violent, imaginative, sexual, and utterly engrossing.


Now, Deadline reports that Clive Barker and Syfy are working together to adapt Nightbreed, a 1990 Barker film, to television. The story, based on Barker’s short story collection Cabal, is about a world where humans persecute monsters, following an underground group of human/monster hybrids looking for a safe haven.

“There has never been a more relevant time for us to turn to one of the genre’s great cult classics from our movie library to impact the national conversation with bold, compelling and unconventional storytelling,” said David Robinson, President of Morgan Creek Entertainment Group. “The team at Morgan Creek is very excited to partner with Clive Barker, Syfy and Universal Cable Productions on Nightbreed for a unique, trenchant and no-holds-barred exploration of race relations in today’s society.”


That’s tricky territory to get right, but I’m at least interested. The series, which is now in development, will be written by Jigsaw screenwriter Josh Stolberg.


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Solitary Poet

Horror? I saw this movie many years ago when I was a kid. It was weird but is certainly wasn’t scary. I kind of, sort of wanted to move to Midian, but then I grew up and realized how terrible that would be.