Syfy Has Cancelled Vincent D'Onofrio's Ghost Wars

Roman Mercer, the protagonist of Ghost Wars.
Roman Mercer, the protagonist of Ghost Wars.
Image: Syfy

Vincent D’Onofrio? Ghosts? Super psychic powers? Meatloaf? Sounds like a recipe for great TV, but it looks like the story of Ghost Wars is going to be ending prematurely.


As reported by Deadline, the show, which focused on a local outcast (Avan Jogia) who had to harness his psychic powers in order to combat a “mass haunting,” has been cancelled by Syfy after one season. The show, which was created by Simon Barry (Continuum, Van Helsing), ran for thirteen episodes, beginning in October 2017.

That’s rough news for fans of hauntings and Meatloaf cameos. But at least Vincent D’Onofrio’s free now.



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I’m... kind of digging SyFy at the moment. In the past couple of years they’ve really been putting out content, instead of throw-away faux-documentary / faux-reality programming.

To be fair not everything they’ve thrown out there has lasted long. Dark Matter, 12 Monkeys, Incorporated, Blood Drive... all cancelled (though I think we’re still getting 10 more episodes for 12 Monkeys?).

But we have The Expanse, Killjoys, and The Magicians... this is all fantastic television. While it’s not a show I enjoy my understanding is that Z Nation is also really well received.