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Syfy has released the trailer for their reboot of The Phantom, about the son of Kit Walker who takes up his father's mantle. This Phantom favors the city over the jungle and riot gear over spandex.


Syfy's The Phantom miniseries, which could serve as a backdoor pilot, will air in 2010, and stars Ryan Carnes (whom you may remember as the Daleks' pig slave Laszlo in Doctor Who) as Chris Moore (born Kit Walker), who is only just learning about his superheroic birth father. Cas Anvar will play Rhatib Singh, head of the global crime syndicate the Singh Brotherhood (who pulls an O-Ren Ishii and decapitates a subordinate in the trailer), and Isabella Rosselini as Lithia, who heads up an experimental mind control program.

We showed you the new Phantom's outfit a while back — still purple, but now spandex-free — and you can see it in action below:


[via Screen Rant]

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