Syd Mead Tells All About the "Erotic Machine" that Got Cut from Bladerunner

Today on BoingBoing TV, you can see the final part of Joel Johnson's epic interview with conceptual designer Syd Mead, the man who made the citiscapes of Bladerunner into some of the most memorable futuristic settings ever committed to film. Mead talks about the many alternate openings he created for the movie (one of which was deemed "too Holocaust" by the studio), as well as the "erotic machine" he crafted for replicant Zhora, a kind of breast-shaped dreampod that got cut when director Ridley Scott hit the outer limits of his budget. Watch the video below.

BBTV host Xeni Jardin says:

Syd explains he envisioned the world of Blade Runner as a place "you wouldn't want to be for too long," and describes the challenges of designing for "a love story with moralistic underpinnings... if we could actually make people, would we treat them like dishwashers? Just use them up and throw them away?"


Check out the video, embedded below.

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Part III of Syd Mead [BBTV]


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