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Swamp Thing Gets Steamy in Its New Teaser Trailer

Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane basking in the swamp.
Swamp Thing and Abby Arcane basking in the swamp.
Image: DC Universe

Swamp Thing’s romance with Abby Arcane is a fascinating aspect of the hero’s mythos in DC’s Comics, and while DC Universe’s upcoming live-action adaptation has an undeniable horror bend to it, the newest teaser suggests that when the series drops later this month, things in the Louisiana swamp are gonna be hot and heavy.


In this telling of Swamp Thing’s story, Abby Arcane (Crystal Reed) is a researcher with the CDC who travels home to Houma, Louisiana to investigate what she believes to be a dangerous virus originating from the local swamp that might have a connection to the many strange things that’ve been happening in town. In the new teaser, Abby muses about all the mysterious things a person can find in the swamp, strangest of all being answers questions you didn’t know to ask.

Swamp Thing hits DC Universe on May 21.

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He’s definitely living his salad days. Lettuce say, it looks like the dressing will be on the side soon. She doesn’t look too excited, though. Why the lawn face, I wonder? I hope she’s getting a good celery.

Oh, well. I’m only parsley interested in this show, anyway.