Illustration for article titled emSVU/ems Christopher Meloni to appear on emTrue Blood/em? THIS CHANGES EVERYTHING

Move over Flopsy (Vampire Bill), Mopsy (Vampire Eric), and Cottontail (Jason Stackhouse)! The real deal is (rumored) to be coming to True Blood. That's right folks, the man who invented the steely-eyed-furrowed-brow-head-tilt and is filled with so much testosterone he can impregnate ladies with a gaze is ready to punch first and ask questions later, Bon Temps-style. If this rumor is correct, then True Blood is back!


Admit it, last year's True Blood was the worst. The villains stunk, the threeway vampire sex session was never really a threeway vampire sex session, Hoyt turned into a lanky whiner, and don't even get us started on the castration of Vampire Eric. Sigh. But if Meloni is cast, that's all about to change.


According to TV Line, Meloni is rumored to be circling a role of a very powerful vampire for the fifth season. Who do you think it is? A possible new Alan Ball character or someone from the books? We have no idea, we're too busy running around in circles on the floor Make 'Em Laugh style. The last time we saw Meloni walking the streets of New York we had to stop ourselves from running up and begging to be punched in the face by this Wet Hot American Summer and Oz legend.

Next season of True Blood might just be the most bad-ass or ridiculously over-the-top thing we've ever seen. We'll take either! But one thing is for certain, it's not going to be boring. Because no one puts Meloni in the corner.

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