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Suspenseful UK Prometheus trailer digs deeper into the film's archaeological mission

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Yesterday, we saw the noisy, chaotic, full trailer for Ridley Scott's Prometheus, but the new UK promo has a much quieter tone. Instead, we see the archaeological background of the Prometheus' mission and the anticipation of the alien horrors to come.


[via Bleeding Cool]

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I can't help thinking when I see this that really rich Hollywood people have a considerable handicap by not watching much tv. After 20 years of the Stargate franchise and 40+ years of the Chariots of the Gods? revisionist history movement, Star Trek TNG, Mission to mars, ad nauseum, you gotta ask yourself how anyone thought this would be fresh.

It most likely will be an awesome movie, but I wonder if Ridley Scott really realized how many little details in the archeological parts will be groaners to scifi fans. The cross cultural symbology made me expect to see Daniel Jackson any moment. We're way, way beyond feeling any awe at the "discovery" that aliens seeded the earth, made us evolve to higher order life forms, or whatever.

Hopefully there's a twist at the end that makes such an idea a bunch of BS. It can't, surely, just be this.