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Armageddon comes in many forms, from nuclear disaster to social and economic collapse, and a savvy survivalist must be ready for it all. Enter blogger Jim Rawles, who offers tips and tools to get you through any brand of disaster.Rawles, a former US Army Intelligence officer, believes that most first worlders’ intellectual detachment from their resources sets them up for failure in the event of a crisis:

"A huge segment of the population doesn't even stop to think of where the water comes from when they turn on the tap, or where the electricity comes from when they flip a switch," Rawles says. "That's made our whole society incredibly dependent and incredibly vulnerable."


In his Survival Blog, Rawles encourages an increased awareness of and connectedness to one’s sources of food, clean water, shelter, and energy. He offers resources not only on issues like stockpiling food, purifying water, and detecting radioactivity and toxins, but also preaches self-sufficiency and reduced reliance on modern convenience. The best-prepared future, he argues, is that both utilizes modern technology and returns to the knowledge and education of the past:

He also urges readers to develop traditional skills such as gardening, construction, livestock husbandry, food preservation and blacksmithing. "If people acquire them now, they will serve them tremendously in the future, regardless of what happens, even if they're just passing on these skills to future generations."


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