Surrogates' New Poster Channels Kate Moss

A new set of teaser images for upcoming Bruce Willis faux-human movie The Surrogates have been released, showing off images of the perfect humanity that only robotics can offer. But doesn't one of them look a little... familiar?

Bleeding pointed out the similarity between one of the new images, released this week on, and a photo-manipulation contest entry created for


Bleeding Cool's Rich Johnston then managed to implicate us in the whole thing:

The image was also used in a post on Reverse Cowgirl about Posthuman Pornography back in February.

Which itself was inspired by a post on io9 about, well, the upcoming movie Surrogates.


It's a circle of life, this internet. But who knew that we were so tightly involved in it?


The Surrogates opens September 25th.

Swipe File: Surrogates Movie Campaign [Bleeding Cool]


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