Surreal Horrors Invade the Backwoods in Loopy Scifi Short Crittus

Image: Marcus Alqueres
Image: Marcus Alqueres

The wilderness is a favorite staging ground for horror filmmakers—but Marcus Alqueres’ short Crittus adds some extra dimensions to that concept. Literally. Without spoiling anything, suffice to say this depicts maybe the worst worst-case scenario that could come from a solo camping trip.


A few years ago, we shared Canadian-Brazilian filmmaker Alqueres’ apocalyptic short Lasiurus, which he tells io9 is now being expanded into a feature. And it must be said that Crittus—shot on an ultra low budget, with a purposefully enigmatic story—also inhabits a world that’s ripe for further exploration. Just, uh, bring a buddy with you into the forest next time, won’t you?

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That was well done and I really liked it. Two things.

  1. When he finds the shoe, there are no drag/scrape marks.
  2. When he took the photo of the sign in portrait instead of landscape, I secretly hoped he’d die.