Surprising New Details About The Power Rangers Movie Have Been Revealed

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The new Power Rangers movie is starting to heat up. Earlier this week, the first piece of casting broke, and now potential details on the film’s villain, timeline and opening have all made it online. If true, there are some spoilers here, but nothing too crazy.


Collider has the goods on Power Rangers. According to their sources the film, which will be directed by Dean Israelite, won’t simply be an origin story or rehash of the original series. No, in fact, the movie is rumored to take place after the current show, Power Rangers Dino Charge. A few characters from that show appear in the beginning of the movie and will, potentially, throw to a whole new team.

As for that opening, it’s a huge battle. But villains Rita and Lord Zedd won’t factor in. According to the story the film’s main villain is in fact Scorpina, and the film opens with her and her army trying to gain access to the Morphin Grid. The grid provides power to Rangers past, present and future and links them all. If a villain were able to take control of the Grid, it would be a disaster, which is something the film could potentially explore.


I have to admit, I haven’t watched Power Rangers since the mid-Nineties when the Green Ranger becoming the White Ranger was the talk of the playground. So if a new movie can please me, as well as fans who’ve stuck with the show or come on board in the decades since, that’ll be a win. These ideas seem like a step in that direction.

Power Rangers opens January 13, 2017.


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I thought they already released the picture of the Power Rangers villain?