Surprise! There's A Baby In This Tiny Predator Costume!

Get ready for an explosive amount of adorableness. This toddler is in Predator cosplay and we were not prepared for the mountain feels that burst through our chests the second this one took off her mask!


We've featured the world's tiniest Predator before, but not in VIDEO. This baby is even cuter in motion. Our hearts, they are bursting. So much cuteness.

According to the YouTube account, the costume was created by Nikki and William Miyamoto. And the little tyke is their 3-year-old daughter, Kayla. What a BEAUTIFUL family!

[via Geekologie]


People think they're cute when they're small like that and they take 'em home as pets, but then they start growing and getting hard to handle and people try to flush them down the toilet. And that's how you get PREDATOR 2.