Surprise, Teen Yoda Would Be a Lot More Annoying Than the Baby

“Watching podracing, I was!”
“Watching podracing, I was!”
Image: YouTube

We all know Baby Yoda is adorable. But according to this sitcom-style parody cartoon, Teen Yoda (who would presumably be around 300 years old, and also isn’t really Yoda; don’t think about it too much) has developed a major attitude problem. He also vapes. Good thing Dad-Mando is so understanding!


While we’ve got that Mandalorian documentary to hold us over until season two returns later this year, this animated parody from AOK of what life would be like for the dynamic duo once Baby Yoda is no longer a baby is a nice distraction too.

Teen Yoda and Teen Groot would probably get along, no?

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Okay, admittedly, in the first screenshot I didn’t see an Emo Rebellion Yoda, I saw this goofy child with a single small eye and a bucktoothed grin looking away from Dad-Mando.