Surprise! Two More Marvel Characters Are In Age of Ultron

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In case everything else we've seen and heard about Avengers: Age of Ultron didn't move you, maybe this will. See who the two are inside, including spoilery speculation about what they're doing


Speaking with The Telegraph, Elba said:

"Ironically, yesterday I had to…" Elba chuckles. He's not meant to talk about this, but he clearly enjoys doing things he's not meant to do. "I'm in Avengers," he reveals. He means that his Thor character, deity-cum-sentry Heimdall, appears in Age of Ultron, the second instalment of the superhero ensemble franchise. "And I'm doing a scene with Chris Hemsworth [who plays Thor] and Tom Hiddleston [Loki], and they're like, [whispers] – 'Aren't you [meant to be] in Ibiza?' " That bassy chuckle again, followed by a frown. Elba came straight to Ibiza party-time from a mythical Norse god/Marvel universe that has made billions at the global box office. His head is all over the place. "That's why I was p——- about my set yesterday. I really just wasn't there. I was annoyed."

That's a curious scene description, since the last we saw of these characters, Loki was impersonating Odin and Thor thought that Loki was dead. Maybe this is a flashback. Maybe Loki's still in disguise and we're just seeing this scene through the disguise. Or Heimdall and Thor don't see Loki. Or, there are huge revelations being had in Avengers: Age of Ultron that will set up later conflict. We don't know for sure, but I bet that it has to do with Loki's staff, which we got a glimpse of in the second teaser.


Chances are it will be for whatever vision that the Scarlet Witch gives Thor, similar to Cap's flashback and Tony's nightmare. I'm betting it has to do with either Loki-as-Odin on Asgard's throne, or a vision of Ragnarok to tie it into Thor 3.