Suresh Explains Evolution to You on the Interwebs

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The last time we saw him, he was betraying all his ideals and messing around with a cheerleader's magical healing blood, but none of that stops Dr. Mohinder Suresh from setting up his own website. Yes, it's part of the Heroes Evolutions multimedia marketing program we wrote about last week. Don't you want to learn more about Heroes' craptacular version of evolutionary science?


Visitors to Activating Evolution - named for the book that Suresh's father wrote - will find such goodies as the introduction to the eponymous book, video interviews with fictional geneticists explaining how superpowers would work, and the chance to have your dreams analyzed by Mohinder "himself".

If you're suitably excited by the whole thing, you can even discuss the subject in Mohinder's wiki for accelerated evolution. Although doing so may get you under the watchful eye of Primatech Paper Company.

Activating Evolution []



In a desperate bid for ratings, the following plotline will be revealed in season 6 of Heroes :

Dr. Mohinder Suresh, Double-Alternate Future Hiro Nakamura, and the fat mind-reading cop will travel 200 years into the future to steal the plans for the MohinderTron Suit, a hyper technobob which will grant superpowers to the superpower-less.

Suresh: "Do you know what this means? I can have powers now, too!"

Hiro & Parkman: "Yatta!"