Supressed "Fanboys" Movie May Get a Release After All

Apparently, fan karma is in full swing right now. Following the second cancellation of Jericho despite attempts by fans to sway CBS, the nerds win one with the news that the original version of Fanboys, complete with dying-nerd subplot, will see the light of day after all as a result of fan activity, boycotts and... well, name-calling.

Despite news that the movie - originally completed two years ago, but subject to controversial re-shoots last year - will now be released in two different versions on DVD (with nerd dying of cancer) and theatrically (without the cancer), the (original) filmmakers aren't convinced of the studio's good intent. Producer Kevin Mann says that the studio is just trying to persuade fans not to boycott their other geek-friendly movie in protest:

This is more about avoiding picket lines at 'Superhero [Movie]' than it was about making a decision about the release of our movie.


If the opposite is true, however, and the Weinstein Co. really has been forced to change its mind due to the fans' efforts, then maybe we should all take a leaf from their book and see what kind of protest can change the world. Says Hollywood Reporter:

Faced with a grass-roots boycott of its films, bicoastal protests at screenings of its Friday opener "Superhero Movie" and a campaign calling its co-chairman "Darth Weinstein," the Weinstein Co. said Monday that it now plans to release two versions of "Fanboys."

You just know that whole Darth thing was the tipping point, don't you? Movie moguls hate it when you don't say that they're The Emperor.

Fans press Weinstein on 'Fanboys' [Hollywood Reporter]


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