Support Your Candidate for Scifi President of the United States

It's just not an election season here in the United States — it's smartass t-shirt season. To celebrate the fact that fictional people and monsters would probably make better presidents than the real-life humans currently running, we've got a few choices for scifi presidential swag for you. First up is the lovely Firefly-themed "Reynolds/Washburn" ticket (that's the captain and pilot of the smuggler ship Serenity). Personally, we'd prefer Reynolds to run with his first officer Zoe Alleyne, but we'll go with this because their slogan is so good. Below we've got treats for those who are campaigning for Cthulhu or Battlestar's Admiral Adama.

Here's this year's standout Cthulhu for president shirt. Every election season, you've got to vote for the creature who does not represent the "lesser evil," but this tee takes it one step farther. Love the "Ia Ia America Fh'tagn" slogan here — it makes me think that somewhere in the ocean deep, slimy tentacled creatures are singing the praises of the U.S. government. It's good to have allies!


For those who are tossing their lot in with Admiral Adama, leader of Battlestar Galactica, there's always the swag available through There's this poster (at left, available in larger sizes obviously), and a simple "Adama 08" tee. No word on his running mate. May we suggest Helo? Anybody who can mutiny against Starbuck can certainly hold his own against Adama. Plus, he has that hybrid baby which makes him totally plugged into the next generation.

Reynolds/Washburn tee [Ziraxia]

Cthulhu 2008 tee [Zazzle]


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