Want to do your bit for free speech and come out of it with a beautiful piece of Paul Pope Star Trek art? Here's your chance to bid on a page from Wired's Spock strip, with proceeds to the CBLDF.


The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund is auctioning off this page of original Pope artwork from the short strip that appeared in March's JJ Abrams-edited issue of Wired magazine, featuring Spock's memories of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan at this year's San Diego Comic-Con. Pope was happy about how this page turned out:

It was a fun page to draw... It's got Spock, of course, and J.J's take on him is what drew me into this story. But I got to draw Shatner too, Kirk, and he's surprisingly a lot harder to capture.

The original art measures 16" x 21.5". The art will be displayed at the CBLDF booth and auctioned on Saturday night, July 25 at 7:15 in Room 2 of the Convention Center, but remote bids will also be taken at info@cbldf.org.


CBLDF's Comic-Con Auction Preview! [CBLDF]