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Supervillains Put Spider-Man 4 Production on Hold (Updated)

Illustration for article titled Supervillains Put Spider-Man 4 Production on Hold (Updated)

Peter Parker battles supervillains on screen, but they're giving Sam Raimi an off-screen headache as well. Production has reportedly halted on Spider-Man 4 while Raimi and the Sony suits hash out supervillains and dastardly deeds.


IESB is reporting that production on Spider-Man 4 (known internally as SPIDER-M4N) halted indefinitely last Thursday and won't start up again until Raimi and the Sony Picture executives come to some agreements. It seems that the script remains unfinished because the parties can't come to an agreement on the villain.

According to someone working on the production, Raimi is campaigning for the Vulture as the fourth movie's villain, while Sony doesn't think the Vulture will sell tickets. Perhaps this explains some of the conflicting villain rumors we've been hearing. Word is there's a lot of anger coming from the production camp, but filming can't move forward until decisions are made and the script is fleshed out.


Update: MTV talked to a studio rep who is denying IESB's report, saying the only shutdown going on is a planned shutdown for the holidays. The rep goes on to say that, while the script is still being worked on, it's standard pre-principal photography tinkering.

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The Vulture, done right, I think can put people in seats. That said, I still want the Lizard.