Superstorm cuts a swath through the northeast

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Well, that was intense; Superstorm Sandy cut a swath through the North East last night and is now making its way through the interior states and up into Canada. Twitter was absolutely abuzz last night with news coming in from the various networks, first-hand accounts, and the FDNY first-response scanner.


But while the Twitterverse was certainly ahead of the networks in terms of breaking news, it was also filled with a disturbing amount of misinformation. At times it was hard to know what was really happening and what was the largest "telephone game" in social networking history.

Yet one thing was for certain, the photos didn't lie. One of the first images to come in that revealed the seriousness of the situation was the flooding of the Hoboken subway station. Other images that followed included the cars floating in the submerged parking garage at the South end of Stone Street, flood waters inundating Ground Zero, and the eerie darkness of NYC when the power started going out.


And then there was the massive explosion at the Con Ed Plant at E14th and FDR in NYC.

Early this morning the New York Times put up a slideshow. MSNBC has one, as does the Telegraph. In terms of the superstorm itself, some graphics and images have become available. There's an amazing 3-D representation of the storm (as viewed by the TRMM Precipitation Radar at 2:20 EDT on Oct. 28, 2012 via NASA), a slideshow of JPL satellite images of the storm, and the live wind map.

As for us here at io9, the website is down for the time-being (the company that hosts our datacenter was deluged with a flood), but we'll continue to post here at this Tumblr. Please check back for frequent updates and our regular posts.

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