Supernatural to Destiny: Screw You

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On last night's Supernatural - our auspicious 100th episode - the entire Armageddon endgame changed. An eleventh-hour resurrection and a couple of serious fights with angel-snuffing knives left us with a whole new Team Freewill.

In "Point of No Return," the big question was whether Dean would turn himself into archangel Michael's meatsack. But perhaps a more interesting question was whether dicky angel Zachariah would get his job back. We began with an absolutely classic scene where Zach is getting drunk in a bar with another white guy salaryman, commiserating over how they lost their jobs. "Results is all the guys upstairs want . . . they aren't down here in the dirt with you human pigs," Zach sighs. "Outsourcing," mumbles his drunk companion. But then, as Dean's desire to go Michaelsack rises, Zach gets a call from above. As his pal and the bartender's eyeballs boil in their faces, Zach grins. He's got his job back!

Meanwhile, Dean is piling is personal effects in a box, along with what amounts to a suicide note, and drinking what I hope is really expensive whiskey. When Sam finds him, there is much angsting. Then Cas shows up and uses his angel teleportation powers to bring Dean over to Bobby's and put him in the basement tank.


Cas really got to be a badass in this episode, by the way. He beats the crap out of Dean for giving up and trying to go all Michaelsword on them. And he figures out something weird is going on in the angel network and has to kill two angels with their own angel stakes before discovering that the "something weird" is Zach resurrecting Dean and Sam's dead little brother Adam (remember him? from the ghoul episode?). So Cas yanks Adam out of the resurrection mud and teleports him back to Bobby's place too.

Cue more angsting about the true nature of family and what it really means to have brothers. Can Adam trust the Winchesters, even though the angels in heaven said the boys were bad news? Can there be any family connection between the three brothers, given that Dad only hung out with Adam once a year (which Adam is really bitter about)? Can Dean rely on Sam? Can everybody rely on Dean to not take the Michael pill?

The real question is: Why the hell did the angels resurrect Adam? Bobby speculates that Adam may be Michael's Plan B. He kind of fits the prophesy: He's a Winchester, and he's the brother of Sam. So if Dean won't give in, maybe Adam will step up. And in fact it turns out Zach has been telling Adam that he has a role to play in defeating Lucifer. Adam is pretty tempted, especially with Zach teleports him out of Bobby's place, stuffs him with heavenburgers, and tells him he'll see his dead mom again.

But of course Zach is lying. We watch Adam's face fall as Zach finally tells him that he's just bait to lure Sam and Dean to the Beautiful Room (which is actually in Van Nuys, not heaven). Zach has some great lines about how the brothers are "erotically codependent" on each other.


And of course the brothers fall for Zach's trap, even though they know it's a trap. Family means everything to them. Cas gets to do more badassery with his angel stakes when they get to the Van Nuys warehouse holding the Beautiful Room - he actually kills five angels using a combination of ninja skills and an angel-banishing glyph freshly carved into his chest (whoa). Then comes the moment of truth. When Zach is forcing Sam and Adam to barf up blood, will Dean give in and agree to become Michael's fudgepackee?

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At first we think he will. Dean looks all soulful and tells Zach "OK I'll do it - call Michael." He's pretty damn convincing. So Zach calls the archangel. But just as everything is getting ultrasonic and covered in burning light, Dean says, "I have a couple of conditions. I'll give myself to Michael if he'll reduce you to coal." When Zach starts protesting about how important he is and how Michael will never do that, Dean loses patience and just stabs Zach in the head with one of those angel stakes Cas was using earlier. Serious awesomeness!

Unfortunately Adam gets left behind when the brothers race to escape the Beautiful Room before Michael lands. When they finally get the door open again, the Room has become just a dingy Van Nuys office and Adam is gone. So has Michael turned Adam into his sword? That would be a perfect solution to a lot of things.


The real question, though, is whether Dean really trusts Sam. Which he really does, and he tells Sam all about it in an erotically codependent moment as they drive to their next job. I'm glad they trust each other again, and that Cas is totally badass, and that Zach is dead and maybe Adam will be the Michaelmeat. Plus hopefully the antichrist will show up at some point and join them too.

As the episode concludes, the brothers once again affirm that destiny can go screw itself. They're going to keep fighting.


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"...and he tells Sam all about it in an erotically codependent moment..."

Annalee, don't ever change. This is great stuff.