Supernatural Mystery Infinity Train Is Finally Coming to Cartoon Network

Tulip dreams of taking the final leap home but is instead greeted by a leaping corgi.
Image: Cartoon Network (YouTube)

It’s been over a year since Cartoon Network’s Artist Program perked up our ears with a mini-pilot for Infinity Train, a supernatural mystery about a young girl trapped on a seemingly endless locomotive with no answers (and a kingdom of corgis). Luckily, the train is finally pulling into the station.


The network has greenlit Infinity Train, a new animated series created by Owen Dennis (Regular Show). It’s all about an intelligent, albeit frustrated, girl named Tulip who—for reasons unknown—is trapped on a train full of infinite worlds. Accompanied by conjoined robots Glad-One and Sad-One, Tulip is determined to solve the mystery of the train and find her way home.

The mini-pilot aired on Cartoon Network’s YouTube channel in November 2016 and quickly gained a large following, becoming the most-viewed YouTube pilot in the network’s history. Fans have been clamoring ever since to make the show a reality—there’s even a dedicated subreddit that’s still active today. Surprise/no surprise, it’s full of corgis.

According to Deadline, Infinity Train is part of a slew of new shows Cartoon Network is debuting over the next year or so, including Diego Molano’s supernatural show Victor and Valentino and Julia Pott’s Summer Camp Island, which both debut this year. Infinity Train rolls into the station sometime in 2019.


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