Supernatural Isn't Immortal After All, and Will End With Season 15

Don’t look so sad, there’s always reruns...
Don’t look so sad, there’s always reruns...
Image: The CW

Seems like just yesterday that we were cracking wise about the inevitable renewal of CW mainstay Supernatural, but lo, the show that aired its first episode in September 2005—the long-ago era of President George W. Bush, Batman Begins, and “Hollaback Girl”—will be ending its run after its 15th season.


Even if you enjoyed poking fun at the show’s incredible ability to craft endless storylines (and retain a hugely loyal fan base) for those demon-hunting Winchesters, you kind of have to doff your cap to that run. Suck it, Big Bang Theory and your measly 12 seasons.


As is always the case with these sort of announcements, key Supernatural folks took to Twitter to share some feels:


Carry on, wayward sons. Even if we seldom tuned in anymore, a world without Supernatural returning to the TV schedule will be a strange one.

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A Lantern of Hope

Headline from early 2030:

“Praise Beebo: With Season 16 Renewal, Legends of Tomorrow Passes Supernatural as Longest-Running CW Show”

Addendum: Apparently there are rumors that LoT is ending after next season, but I refuse to believe it until it actually happens.