The Winchester Brothers are back at Comic-Con! And today's Supernatural panel was absolutely a highlight of the convention for die-hard fans. The boys brought new footage, fallen angels, demons, Castiel poop jokes (yes he uses the bathroom now!) and Felicia Day to their SDCC panel. Here's what we learned.


Spoilers ahead:

First The CW screened a short round-up "where are they now" montage (which we've included above) that ends with the "fallen angels" shot. Dramatic, yes. After that montage, a bit of footage from the new season debuted.


We see Dean returning to the Men of Letters hideout. Kevin Tran sweaty, scared and "backed up," unintentionally shoots an arrow at him — and misses. After a cute "Katniss" quip, it's business as usual and Sam and Dean drag in a hooded, ear-muffed figure to interrogate.

Who is the hidden figure? Crowley! A beaten, bloodied Crowley is seen in chains at the mercy of the Winchesters. Sam demands that Crowley "Name of every demon on Earth, and the people they are possessing." Crowley scoffs at their torture as only the "hello boys" badass can, and fires off a few great quips. But the brothers have other plans: Solitude will be the best torture for this fast-mouthed King of Hell. As they lock him away, Crowley looks... disturbed.

It was a great scene and after it the moderator (and fans) started firing off hard hitting questions. This is what we learned:

  • What's a world like with fallen angels everywhere? Executive Producer Jeremy Carver calls it (multiple times) a "free for all." But warns us that the angels aren't "one unified body — we have lots of angels out there with different agendas, not all vengeful. Some are feeling lost or scared"
  • Which prompted the fan question, "Will we see the boys helping angels this season?" That made Carver squirm. No real answer, so we can all assume... yes, they probably will.
  • The fall of angels has also unleashed Hell — we're going to see a (according to Carver), "Dirty bloody scary and in some ways a very human world."
  • How did the brothers decision to save each other instead of closing the gates of Hell change the show's dynamic? It leaves then stronger, but also opens up a lot of problems. Aka, demons and angels and stuff.
  • The normal constructs of Heaven and Hell are all skewed now — the term "free for all" is again thrown out there.
  • How will Castiel be changed by his new human status? Misha Collins took this one, in spades. His powers are gone, so he only has the power to "fold laundry now" But Misha says this is an "immensely rich terrain to explore. We tested those limits in season 5. Now he's [completely changed]." And he needs to learn what it's like to be a human. Specifically, what it's like to eat food and what happens to that food after you eat it. Jared Padalecki promised a "great bathroom scene." It's a three-episode arc about Castiel going to the bathroom, chimed Carver.
  • Jim Beaver is definitely coming back as Bobby, but no one would explain in what form.
  • Felicia Day popped out and everyone cheered, she praised the show for the creation of Charlie, who likes "geeky things" but doesn't let that define her as a character.
  • Felicia Day said this show really needs a Teflon Vagina. And how.
  • Will Castiel get to drive the Impala now that he's human? Jensen Ackles says "Nope." Misha responds, "he's just kidding, of course he will." Ackles repeats, "Nope."
  • The highlight (besides the fallen angel talk) was (once again) the blooper reel. We got a tiny look at making of the last season, and it's absolutely fantastic. Seriously, you will cry.

And BOOM, that's all they were willing to spill. Besides an astounding bit of Crowley cosplay that we didn't get to catch on our camera (if you spot it online please, please post it in the comments, because it was delightful). Can't wait until Tuesday 0ctober 15th, when Supernatural returns.

And finally, here's a fun little shot from the panel moderator.


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