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We've been waiting ages to find out what Supernatural's Eric Kripke was going to do next — assuming he wasn't really going to make an Octocobra movie, as the show suggested last spring. Now it appears Kripke's next project is a superhero show for the CW: an adaptation of DC Comics' Deadman.


Top image: Deadman art by Greg Ruth

Deadman is about Boston Brand, a circus acrobat who gets killed in nefarious circumstances. And instead of going wherever dead people go, he hangs around as a ghost, who can inhabit the bodies of the living. He can go inside anyone's body and control them, and when he leaves, they won't remember anything about it. Unfortunately, he looks pretty gruesome (see picture) and he can't interact with people except by possessing other people and speaking to them.


In one sense, you can see how this would make a good ongoing show — every week, Boston Brand meets another person who needs help, and uses his ghost powers to set things right. On the other hand, I'm not sure how you would be able to have Boston Brand form ongoing relationships with anyone, and I'm also wondering if we'd want to look at his chalky emaciated mug every week. Chances are, Kripke would have to take some liberties with this premise — which, given how few people have actually read a lot of Deadman comics, shouldn't be too much of a problem.

The Deadline article hints that this is just one of the DC Comics properties that the CW is considering adapting, to replace Smallville. Maybe we'll finally get the Mercy Reef series! [Deadline]

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