Supernatural And Smallville Renewed — But Is There Any Place Left For Them To Go?

Cinemaspy is reporting that the CW has renewed both Supernatural and Smallville for one more season each. In the case of Smallville, presumably this means more baby steps towards Clark becoming Superman — maybe next year, he'll put on red boots but keep the all-black ensemble otherwise? But after Eric Kripke was so outspoken about saying Supernatural should only run for five seasons, it's a little worrying that he's apparently changed his mind. Let's hope Supernatural's current apocalyptic storyline finishes as planned this Spring, and Kripke doesn't succumb to the temptation to spin it out for another year — if we do get a sixth year of Supernatural, it should be a brand new chapter instead of the same story with more padding. (Maybe the Winchesters face a world in which they've already won their biggest battle — so what's left for them other than a nervous breakdown?)

Still, with the producers of Lost adamant that having a defined end point allowed their show to thrive, it's hard not to feel like endless renewals is bad news for both these shows. [Cinemaspy]


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Annalee Newitz

I love Supernatural, but as several other folks have mentioned, it seems difficult to find a new direction after you've had the Apocalypse. Of course the show has always played with many different mythologies, so maybe next season they could take on Shiva. Who would of course be a software mogul in Chennai.