Superman's Underpants For Sale in Malaysia

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Now that Superman's no longer wearing his trademark red undershorts, in either the comics or movie versions, you might have wondered what's become of them. And apparently, they're in Malaysia, where they're a hot-selling item.


According to the New Straits Times, residential neighborhoods in Tampoi have been plastered with ads for "Superman's Underpants," which are supposed to be able to cure sexual problems. The special undergarments, which come equipped with magnets, are supposed to be able to cure impotence and increase penis size. The Straits Times quotes affronted retiree Mohd Ilham Samudin as saying:

For me, this could cause a bad influence among the community. Superman fans, especially the men, could be duped into spending thousands of ringgit to buy the product with the assumption that they could gain special powers by wearing them.


Samudin adds that it's inappropriate to use the Superman name to advertise this product which, after all, has nothing to do with Kal-El, or any of his powers. But at least now we know where Henry Cavill's missing red trunks went.

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Mr. Ilham appears to be more offended by the slur on Superman's character than by the public display of sexual advertising. That's awesome.