Superman's Totally Ready to Be an Evil Dictator Again in the New Injustice 2 Story Trailer

Image: Still via Youtube

The first Injustice game—and the excellent prequel comic series that accompanied it—explored a reality in which a grief-stricken Superman cast aside his moral code to rule the world as he saw fit. It seems like the sequel will delve into that story again, but this time a defeated Superman will try to raise himself back up again.

While we’ve seen plenty from Neatherrealm’s superhero fighting game in terms of its action so far, this new trailer is the first to give us much of a taste of what’s coming story-wise for the new game. Of course, it still gives us plenty of beat ’em up action, too.

The first game ended with Batman’s army of ragtag resistance fighters bringing Superman in and ending his reign of tyranny over the world, and it seems like pretty early on Superman’s going to be back out, looking to reclaim his grip over his former allies and the wider populace.


The first game had its tragic scenario around Lois Lane’s death to drive Clark to what he does, but this time around, it seems more like he’s driven by a lust for control than anything more sympathetic—which isn’t exactly something you see regularly in takes on Superman. Given how surprisingly solid the world Injustice has set up in games and in comics, though, it’ll be interesting to see where that all goes.

Injustice 2 is currently set for release on May 16th.

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