If you're like me, you were wondering how Superman could be wounded in Mortal Kombat Versus DC Universe fighting game. Wouldn't Scorpion's harpoon deflect off the man of steel's chest? Well no, not when you use "magic," according to Ed Boon, the creative director of MK Versus DC, which now includes the Joker and Green Lantern. Click through to see a video of some close combat scenes between DC and MK characters, with detailed explanations, and a demo of some offensive combinations.

It sucks that Superman's weakness is magic. It would have been much more interesting if Boon went the bigger scifi route and said, "In a series of tests, we injected the Mortal Kombat characters with Kryptonite so they could fight Superman. Unfortunately we lost Johnny Cage in one of the trial runs. But since no one really liked him anyways we considered it an acceptable loss."


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