Superman's Homeworld Is Dead, Again: Krypton and Lobo Spinoff Canceled at Syfy

Not even the weirdest thing on Krypton, honestly.
Not even the weirdest thing on Krypton, honestly.
Photo: Syfy

One way or another, Superman’s home is probably doomed by the end of Krypton’s second season.


Deadline reports that Syfy has decided to scrap its zany Superman prequel series Krypton, set in a scenario where DC’s cosmic adventurer Adam Strange is sent to the youthful days of Kal-El’s grandpa, Seg-El, in the hopes of preserving the timeline from attempts to erase Superman’s future career as the planet’s Last Son. Not only is Krypton getting the boot, plans for a spinoff based off of the show’s take on heavy metal Czarnian bounty hunter Lobo—introduced in Krypton’s second season and played by Emmett J. Scanlan—are now dead too.

Talk of the spinoff only came through just a few months ago when Krypton’s sophomore season premiered, so the hasty stop on those plans paired with Krypton’s cancellation makes for an even weirder situation.

Perhaps all is not lost, however—Deadline adds that Warner Horizon Scripted Television, who produce the series for Syfy, are actively seeking to put Krypton in the proverbial baby-rocket and blast it away to another home after season two. DC Universe, where Krypton’s first season is currently streaming, is being floated as a likely option for a continuation, as is the other upcoming Warner Bros. streaming service, HBO Max. Whether the same will happen for the Lobo spinoff, or if that’s just dead entirely, remains to be seen.

We’ll bring you more on Krypton’s potentially explosive future as and when we learn it.

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With this, and Swamp Thing’s cancellation, and Arrow coming to an end this year, I’m sure there are folks that will prophesize that this bodes the end of the DC TV boom.

To which I say:

1) Poppycock! They made a fucking show about Batman’s butler. You think they’re gonna’ stop just because they cancelled the prequel about Superman’s grandpa and the show about a plant who fucks (it happened off-screen, trust me)? Every show that gets the axe just means room for another show in its place. And it might not even stop there. We’re probably a year out from WB announcing an Animal Man show for the goddamn Animal Planet.

2) I don’t need every show to last ten seasons. Or even five seasons. Three season runs for most shows is honestly perfectly fine. In fact, if Swamp Thing had originally been planned and executed as a one-season miniseries, I would’ve been okay with that too.