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An anonymous family in the American South was on the verge of foreclosure when they discovered a copy of Action Comics 1 in their basement. The comic, which contains the first appearance of Superman, could fetch more than $250,000.


The owners of this rare comic have had the home in their family since the 1950s. Their copy of Action Comics 1, which was rated 5.0 VG/Fine, will be up for auction on from August 27-September 17. Says Vincent Zurzolo, co-owner of

The bank was about ready to foreclose [...] Literally, this family was in tears. The family home was going to be lost and they're devastated. They can't figure out a way out of this. They start packing things up. They go into the basement and start sifting through boxes – trying to find packing boxes – and they stumble on eight or nine comic books [...] My partner basically had to explain to the bank, 'You'll have your money soon.' [...] We sent them information about our previous sales and what this could realize.


This March, a copy of Action Comics 1 was sold on ComicConnect for $1.5 million. Will your mint condition copies of X-Men 1, Batman 497, and Superman 75 be worth just as much someday? Of course not.

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