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Will the upcoming Green Lantern movie feature a cameo appearance from a certain cape-clad Man of Steel, like the script version we reviewed? One of the movie's writers isn't confirming or denying, but not because he's trying to tease.


Marc Guggenheim told MTV Splash Page that rumors about the movie would feature a guest spot from Clark Kent to establish a "universe," just like Robert Downey Jr.'s appearance in last year's Hulk movie, could still turn out to be true depending on the editing room:

Honestly, it changes on a daily basis. Whatever information I gave you today would be obsolete in a week, and maybe come back again in two weeks... I will say, all the Easter Eggs and the cameos that I put in, I couldn't even begin to predict at this point which ones will stay and which ones will go. I'll be as interested as anyone else to see what we end up keeping and losing by the time the picture is actually locked… and that's pretty far away from now.


Green Lantern is set for a late 2010 release.

A Superman Cameo In ‘Green Lantern' Movie? Marc Guggenheim Weighs In On Rumor [MTV Splash Page]

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