Superman Lives Documentary Trailer Reveals The Mad Tim Burton Superman

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Superman Lives, the Nic Cage and Tim Burton superhero movie that never was, is getting its very own documentary. And the second comic book monster-filled documentary trailer is out, revealing only more madness and additional shots of Superman’s light up, disco super suit.


Jon Schnepp’s The Death of Superman Lives documentary is rolling forward, promising us to enlighten us about the totally bananas Burton Superman film, which included Superman fighting a giant spider and polar bears that guarded the Fortress of Solitude. This is the second trailer, which reveals a crapload of alien/monster art, plus a lot of folks who worked on the film describing it in probably the most bizarre light ever. Some people still seemed less than convinced that this Superman iteration would have ever taken flight.

But now the film needs your help to “cross the finish line” and they are asking for additional funds over at Fan Backed. If you want to see Nic Cage in a light up super suit, we suggest you help!



God dammit, I wished I knew about this sooner, I would have totally given them $25.

Also, is it true that in one version of the script had Brainiac with a talking robot dog and a giant spider or is that just internet BS?