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Superman Isn't the Only Bad Guy in Injustice 2


Bane’s bodybuilding poses make me think he’s constantly humming Right Said Fred’s “Too Sexy” to himself. And when he gets to the “so sexy it hurts” part, that’s when he breaks your back.

A bunch of the DC Universe’s supervillains show up in the new teaser for the sequel to 2013's metahuman fighting game, set in a universe where Superman has taken over the world. We see a very Scarecrow design in the clip and a bit of what appears to be his super-move, which is reminiscent to the giant-sized hallucinations that the character used in the Batman Arkham games. Nobody’s having more fun than Captain Cold, though. He’s sliding, kicking and shooting that cold-gun for all he’s worth. What makes him different from Victor Fries? The joy, friends. It’s all that damn joy.



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Who’s disappointed that Captain Cold wasn’t voiced by Wentworth Miller?